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ARAV Labs Track 1 – Lizard Endoscopy: $500

Sunday, August 288:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Stephen Divers, BVetMed, DZooMed, DECZM(herp), DECZM(ZHM), DACZM, FRCVS

This 4-hour wet lab consists of a 1-hour heavily illustrated lecture followed by a 3-hour practical hands-on endoscopy wet lab where attendees will learn the basics of equipment choice, patient preparation, coelioscopy including tissue biopsy, GI and cloacal endoscopy. Color handouts will be provided.

ARAV Lab Track 1 – Introduction to Acupuncture in Herps: $250

Sunday, August 281:30 – 3:30 PM

Rob Coke, DVM

This lab will consist of two sections: the first hour will be didactic in the introduction of the basic principles of acupuncture and terminology and the second will consist of a brief needle-handling lesson followed up with physical demonstration of point localization on the herp-based patient. No needles will be placed into live patients by the lab participants. This course will utilize cadavers.

ARAV Lab Track 2 – Bearded Dragons in Practice: $350

Sunday, August 288:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Adolf Maas, DVM

Bearded dragons are among the most common of reptiles seen in clinical practice. This session is designed for the practitioner who wants to expand their practice into basic reptile medicine as well as those who has been seeing herps. We will try to cover everything you need to know to be an effective beardie-doc, including how to help your clients, keep your patients strong and healthy, and identify and treat common conditions. (1 of 2)

ARAV Lab Track 2 – Pogona Vitticeps: Ready to Take Over the World: $350

Sunday, August 281:30 – 5:30 PM

Adolf Maas, DVM

As reptile practitioners, we all see beardies in practice.  How can you really take it to the next level, though? Are you ready to make it happen, to learn about some serious Pogona medicine? The goal in this lab is to try to turn you from just a “good” beardie practitioner to a total “Beardie Rock-Star.” Join in and we’ll cover diseases, techniques and cases that you won’t see everywhere. (Limited guarantee.) (2 of 2)

ARAV Lab Track 3 – Current Advances in Reptile Clinical/Diagnostics and Therapeutic Techniques: $350

Sunday, August 288:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Byron De la Navarre, DVM

This lab is intended to serve as an introduction to practical techniques used for handling/restraint, physical examinations, sexing, & obtaining common laboratory samples in reptiles. We will also cover the more current/advanced techniques. We recognize that there are alternative techniques to those used in this lab. After completing this lab you will feel more comfortable and competent in using these techniques to successfully incorporate reptile patients into your own practice.

ARAV Lab Track 3 – Reptile Anatomy Review and Necropsy: $350

Sunday, August 281:30 – 5:30 PM

Drury Reavill, DABVP (avian, reptile & amphibian), DACVP

Prepare to be amazed and fascinated learning reptile anatomy and necropsy techniques with two premier instructors, Drs Drury Reavill and Jeanette Wyneken. Lizards, snakes and tortoise/turtles will be examined.  The first part of the workshop will be a lecture supported by images and video of necropsies.  The remainder of the workshop will be focused evaluating specimens.

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