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Zoo and Wildlife Health Conference

Emmen, The Netherlands

Our annual conference provides an opportunity to present new research and learn about the latest advances in zoo and wildlife health, welfare, conservation and management. Participants also have the opportunity to take part in practical workshops, round table discussions and to network with colleagues. Our conference is attended by wildlife researchers, managers and veterinarians from […]

Rabbit & Rodent Dentistry with Orofacial Surgery

Rabbit & Rodent Dentistry with Orofacial Surgery REGISTRATION IS LIMITED! FOR MORE INFORMATION, EMAIL ACADEMY@OXBOWANIMALHEALTH.COM J U L Y  20 - 22  University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences AAVSB RACE approved Board-certified expert instructors Lecture and wet lab components for immersive learning Course and registration:  Full Event Details

First Global Amphibian & Reptile Disease (GARD) Conference

University of Tennessee Conference Center Knoxville, TN

Purpose and Goal Extinction rates of herpetofauna are 60X greater than background extinction rates, and 2 – 4X greater than other vertebrate groups. A primary cause of herpetofauna population declines and species extinctions is emerging infectious diseases. Snake fungal disease, pond turtle shell disease, ranaviral disease and chytridiomycosis are a few of the diseases contributing […]

ExoticsCon 2022

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel Denver, CO

ExoticsCon 2022, brought to you by AAV, AEMV, and ARAV, will take place August 14-18, 2022 in Denver, CO. Learn More

ARAV / VIN Round: Sexing Techniques in Reptiles


Sunday, August 21, 9:00 PM ET VIN/ARAV Rounds: Sexing Techniques in Reptiles presented by Caitlin Cunningham, DVM This presentation reviews techniques to determine the sex of common pet reptile species. SPECIAL NOTES: The ARAV Rounds and Message Board will be powered by VIN, but you do NOT have to be a VIN member to access […]

Venomous Herpetology Symposium

Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas TX

The Rattlesnake Conservancy, in partnership with Save The Snakes is excited to host our second bi-annual Venomous Herpetology Symposium! This year, the event will be held at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas from September 14-17, 2022. Register Today!